Special effects with amazing results…
Three-dimensional reconstructions of entire cities,
more and more realistic.

The places that we see in the movies…
do they really exist?




Last December, this film based on the homonymous series of video games developed by Ubisoft,
shot in Malta, Spain and England, was released in the cinemas.
Like in many other action movies, there is great use of special effects.

So we wondered:
“Do those London’s buildings in the final scene really exist?”

Our “Travel” Team discovered them for you.


The sequences of the recovery of “The Apple of Eden”,
the core of the millennial conflict between
the secret societies of the “Assassins” and the Templars,
are set in the interiors of the majestic,
medieval Ely Cathedral, in Cambridgeshire.

Its octagonal dome gives the impression of being suspended in space
and the exuberant Gothic “Lady Chapel” is the largest ever consecrated in the United Kingdom.

Medieval Ely Cathedral – GoogleMaps

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The exterior and interior of the building,
where the recovery of “The Apple of Eden” is celebrated,
are the headquarters of the United Grand Lodge of England in London,
the oldest masonic Grand Lodge in the world, non-religious and apolitical,
founded in 1717 for brotherhood and charitable purposes.

United Grand Lodge of England in London – GoogleMaps


United Grand Lodge of England in London – Google StreetView

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The film ends with an evocative sequence.
In the background: The London Eye, a giant Ferris Wheel.
The protagonist, Callum Lynch, is standing on the roof of a building.
In his hand, he victoriously holds “The Apple of Eden”.
Where is he?

Our “Travel” team has carefully studied the frames of the final scene.
They have triangulated the known points, on the map of London,
with the camera movements and… 
they found this place too!

It is the roof of the historic building 80 Strand (Shell Mex House) in London,
facing the River Thames and the mystic obelisk to the Egyptian sun god: Cleopatra’s Needle.

80 Strand – GoogleMaps

80 Strand – Google StreetView

look here the map

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